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PrimeReps LLC removes the stress of assembling, training and making the financial commitment needed to build your own dedicated sales force. We can save you time and money when it comes to placing your products with end users. Whether you need PrimeReps throughout the United States and Canada or simply need a PrimeRep in a regional or local territory, PrimeReps LLC can assist you in penetrating the market in the most efficient way possible by affording you the opportunity to:

  • Establish an immediate presence in the marketplace. No need to wait until sufficient sales volume warrants the need for a sales rep in a particular territory. Leave no sales on the table by penetrating the entire market now.
  • Utilize working capital to pay for items that will assist in driving sales such as advertising, literature creation, web design, and social media. There will be no initial cash outlay to compensate W-2 sales people while they are building a territory. This could take years with small incremental sales gains and a high fixed expense. With PrimeReps LLC, commission is paid for production. During the “pioneering” phase of territory management, no expense will be incurred unless sales orders are placed, but we truly expect to see sales from week one.
  • Define a pricing model that will be the most beneficial to enable you to preserve margins and set a price point that will get your products to market quickly and efficiently. PrimeReps LLC has proven relationships with distributors and dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our experience has shown that not all product lines are destined to be sold “As Seen on TV”. Most product lines are sold to retailers, and these retailers make buying decisions based on relationships. Relationship selling is the keystone to PrimeReps LLC marketing strategy. First, we help you decide whether to take your products through 2-step distribution or via manufacturer direct sales, then as your PrimeReps work with their customers, we will add your product line to our product portfolio as a complementary product to their existing inventory.
  • Control the sales pipeline. By outsourcing your sales force to PrimeReps LLC, you do not cede control of your sales force. You set the policies and procedures, and we will ensure that the retailers have a direct pipeline to you and will be treated with excellent customer care. Although PrimeReps work with multiple product lines, we do not mention PrimeReps LLC because we prefer to put your company brand at the forefront of our presentations.

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Distribution Services
Distribution Services
Whether you're looking to sell your product to a distributor or go directly to a dealer, choose PrimeReps.
Test Marketing
Test Marketing
We provide all of the test marketing services you need with big-box stores across the nation and Canada.

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Our founder has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant for many different industries. He established our company in 1997 with a dedicated sales team in Westerville, Ohio. We offer sales management services throughout the United States and Canada.


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