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PrimeReps LLC is more than just a manufacturer rep firm. We offer complete sales management, channel development, and business consulting services. Whatever your needs, whether you are a start-up company seeking multiple services that will guide you every step of the way or you are an established manufacturer looking to add channels or tweak your existing business model, we are here to assist you.

Sales Management

If you are looking to outsource your entire sales force, PrimeReps LLC has the sales management tools that are needed to hire, train and motivate an outsourced sales force. YOU are the ultimate sales manager in your organization, and the success or failure of your company begins and ends with you. However, you needn’t spend your valuable time and resources on these mundane sales tasks. Oversee, but delegate. Sales managers are an expensive component of the sales expense, one that can also be outsourced – and less expensively. Why pay sales management expenses unless sales are made. Utilize PrimeReps LLC to manage your sales force, and it will add only a few percentage points to the cost of the sale. Your overall sales expense should be reduced by utilizing commissioned sales management along with commissioned sales reps.


Companies that do not show progress tend to stagnate. It is easy to become complacent in the marketplace when you have an established brand or product. But whether you are marketing an established product or are launching a new product or line, progress and sales growth are keys to longevity. Product innovation and channel development are the most effective means for achieving growth. PrimeReps LLC can assist you with both. We are your eyes and ears in the field. We know the market and the competition. We anticipate what retailers will expect and can assist you in product innovation to both improve existing products and create new and exciting products to launch. In addition, PrimeReps LLC will take your product line to markets that you may not have considered. We work in many different marketplaces and have observed that often times, manufacturers become industry-centric where they tend to focus their attention on a certain sector or channel and maximize the sales in that channel. We will help you move to other channels which may allow you to double or triple your existing sales. We have dedicated National Account Managers who work solely with national accounts at the big box retailers, the national hardware chains, and the internet retailers. We can set up test markets for you to ascertain where your products will sell best. These channels are not for every manufacturer or every product. We will use our experience to help you navigate through the complex web of retail opportunities available to you and suggest which ones are right from a growth and profit perspective.


PrimeReps LLC offers business consulting services to assist you in discovering areas of opportunity where you may be losing sales or profit through operations that are not optimizing the resources that are available to you. Business consulting services are available on an hourly basis and begin and end at your convenience to fit your budget. Unlike other business consulting entities, we have no desire to be the reason for a decrease in your bottom line. Both in practice and expectation, we will educate and assist you in implementing programs and processes to increase both your top and bottom lines.

Distribution Center

National Accounts and Internet Retailers

PrimeReps sells your products to big-box stores, co-ops, and regional account chains across the nation. Once a year, we deliver a presentation to them and follow up with new products throughout the year. We also do test marketing for your products with many established big-box stores. Our company meets with major internet buyers as well in order to get your products listed on their websites. This saves you time and money in the process of making your products available to the public. We can provide any combination of our services, depending on your needs.